I wanted to create this as a place to post things that are scattered all over my computer. To share, I guess, things I come across in my reading that give me inspiration and understanding. To keep these things I come across in one place, :)This blog I find now is also a way to get things off my mind, and a way as well to see how things are connected. I feel to warn though, that writing out my thoughts is a new exercise to me, as is sketching, and I am finding that I do go back at times and erase and re-sketch or re-write, sometimes I erase all :) sometimes I just add on. It makes me feel that life is simply just this. Sketchings in a very much larger image, yet to be seen.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. We all have a lot of stuff that floats about in our minds. But most of us tend to ignore the information that we have gathered in the past and it ends up back logging in our heads. So there comes a time when we need to look inside and sort out what we can still use to grow and what we can discard to grow. Feeling Spacey can be spun around to show that you are getting light headed. Being light headed can mean that more light is getting inside of you so that the thoughts and feelings of the past can be seen and liberated. Once spaciousness is achieved, the new can be channeled in to create a brand new vision of the world.

  2. Hi tumel,
    i see its a while since you wrote anything here, so not sure if you would receive this.
    it’s 3.03am not feeling tired but know i will tomorrow (today!) time has not much meaning to me at present, i am here and it is now thats all i am aware of. sometimes time seems to stretch incredibly and other times an hour can pass in the blink of an eye.i am beginning to accept the World as i have never seen it before. recently asked my son to leave, his demanding attitude had become intolerable, and i think he needs to get out and live for himself and let me do the same. when he first left i must admit i hadn’t realised how attatched to our relationship i was. i had come to depend on him arriving home each evening, cooking his meals, washing his clothes, buying tastey food for him. have always been a ware of the problems with attatchment but didn’t see the trap i had fallen into, (yet again). the loss was quite traumatic until i realised i ahd never actually been a Mum to him. all these years tormented by what i couldn’t seem to do for him or protect him from when the letting go was all that was required. this time i am reaching for the stars and looking forward to living just a little bit for me this time. trust he can do the same. no family left to speak of but then i now know that i never had them either, guess have been wearing rose tinted specs all my life, but as they say you don’t miss what you never had!!! and it’s a great big world out there. excuse ramblings it’s good to put things down in written form sometimes isn’t it!? Tumel am just about to change service provider, Tiscali have driven me up the wall, they kept me waiting to ask for a mac code for over half an hour, and were surprised when i told them that was one of the reasons i was leaving them!!!! am not sure when the change over will be but if i am out of touch for a while thats why. have bought myself a netbook!

    kind regards from Sue

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