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All the planets in orbits larger than the Earth have retrograde motion. Of those that can be seen from the Earth by the naked eye, this means Mars, Jupiter and Saturn also, Uranus and Neptune will have such a retrograde motion. This arises from the fact that we are observing rotating planets from a planet that is itself rotating about the Sun. Planets closer to the Sun than us (Mercury and Venus) do not exhibit such motion but interchange morning and evening star position and rise and fall depending on the time of the year


2 thoughts on “Retrogrades

  1. You forgot Pluto!!!!

    The ‘planet’ that barks!

    Neptune turned from retrograde to direct over the past couple of days. Venus turns direct within the next couple of days. Next week, Jupiter will be turning direct. For a couple of days before Jupiter turns direct, we may feel like things are closing in around us. Be patient i this is this case. Within 48 hours and after turning direct, things will feel a lot different.

    Doors and openings we have been waiting for are coming….

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