and this, because I saw at second glance of the title, the word prism as prison and it reminded me of my wondering of color,and the beauty of this, and the letting go of this as well, and after reading this, realizing that light can be transformed and is never really imprisoned

The Prism Prison, an article by Ray Morose

Pure light passing through a prism releases a spectrum of color. If you were bathed in red you would see the prism as a giver of red. If you were bathed in blue, you would see the prism as a giver of blue, and so on. The blue would vigorously argue that the prism, although looking white or clear only contains blue, as that is all blue can see and experience: likewise with red, but of course now red. Blue and red may tolerate the others vision, but to each the others vision is colored. Blue or red each experiences their vision as correct. By being correct the others vision becomes faulty. Each may be tolerant of the others vision, but that other is seen and taken as a misguided vision or a lesser knowing brother of the prism.

Both blue and red present their experience as the way, and each is correct within the color spectrum that they live within. The more zealous of the blue and red are compelled to convert all colors to their color. As their color is the color of the prism, and all other colors arise from defective vision: tolerable but deficient of true substance. The color spectrum of the converter initiates tunnel vision, as only its color is seen as true substance. All other colors are seen as emanating from a lesser prism, and potential convert’s to the one true color.

When blue and red confront each other the only common ground they have is that they are both colors. Each will represent their color, stained by belief that the color they live within is the only color. A color is simply one color of the prism, but the belief-stain creates the potential to make one color superior to the other. The color by itself contains no conflict, as all colors exist within the Prism with no hostility to each other. It is the belief-stain that initiates problems that can grow into antagonistic confrontation. The animosity is stain vs. stain, but the color itself is malevolence free. Stain vs. stain contains the potential to become violent and destructive, as the stains are in opposition, even though the colors remain impartial and unaffected. The potential violence can be deathly confrontational, and many stains can be removed, but the color of each remains unchanged and unmoved.

The Pure Light of existence becomes visible through the prism of individual existence. The color each individual lives within, if stain free, will ultimately lead that individual to the clarity of the color created by their prism, and there discover all the colors existing in perfect and undisturbed harmony and peace. The Prism is the Mother and the Light is the Father for the rainbow of existing colors.

Each color points to the prism as proof for the existence of their color. But the belief-stain prevents each color from recognizing the purity and clarity of the prism light that originates all the colors. To take one color of a rainbow, and claim that it is the rainbow, creates the belief-stain. However, the rainbow exists with or without the stain, as its colors are the natural exposure of pure Light in multiple forms. When the light of the prism is experienced within absolute clarity, all the colors simply become a spectrum of harmonious and interconnected colors. Each color blends into the next, with no defined border. The homogenous blending of one color to another is by altering its hue of each to meet the next color that has done likewise. They meet in a borderless region where the two colors are of the same color: the resolution of duality simply achieved by flexibility of expandable borders. The light of the prism contains its own duality resolution: it’s innate and effortless.

You are both the physical prism (body) and the non-physical light (consciousness) experienced as a color (individual identity) in the world we now inhabit. The Light separates through the Prism creating prisms of light – your individuality – which is a refraction of the Light into multiple colors. The refraction of the Prism is a visible reflection of the Light that is experienced as both individual light and color. You take the color as what and who you are, as it can be seen. When the individual prism disintegrates the color disappears, but your light has no where to go. It remains as it always has, without or without a prism to see itself as a reflected color. Your light is your reality, your permanence and your innate clarity.

Experientially recognizing that your light – a reflected refraction of the Light – contains no darkness unveils your reality. It is Light and nothing but Light, as your light is light and nothing but light. The darkness is the stain upon the transitory but visible color. As the color is transitory so is the stain. When the prism goes the color goes, and so does the stain. But individual light remains, as it has created a new identity for itself, if you have made that light your life.

In short, there are no hell realms. They are a created fiction to control by fear. Your light contains no darkness other that what your transitory identity creates. And that created darkness goes when the transitory goes. The natural purity and brilliant clarity of your light is your birthright. The way home is always within you. The pathway leading home, back to your natural and innate primal brilliant clarity has always existed within yourself. It simply requires unveiling.

It is the belief-stain that creates prism-prisons by attempting to reveal the Light of the Prism as the color your light exists within. When you bypass, let go or stand aside from the color, remaining stain free, your light in all its clarity is unveiled, becoming visible as Light. Color and stain free, the Light shines though you as pure light, which is then, color free. Or, the Light creates such intense brilliance to the color that it obscures the color, making only brilliant clarity visible, which is pure Light. And yet, the color of others, stained or blinded by the darkness of its own color, still can only see color where no color exists.

The original Prism never alters, only how each individual light perceives the color they live within alters, which is the originating force for the stain. Without the Prism, nothing but Absolute Light would be. And even that Light cannot see itself unless reflected. Individual prisms expose the Light of the original reflection, making it visible as a refracted reflection, which is you. The color that is seen is the visible reality of your individual existence, which is clear Light made visible by a refracted reflection through individual prisms of light.

To suggest live in the Light without knowing how to bypass or stand aside from the color of the prism creates the same myopic vision as a stain does. To allow the light of your existence to exist within its natural brilliance is effortless. But effort it required to achieve that effortless, revealing how the color is constructed and how it functions. If you do not know how the color is constructed you will not know how the stain appears. You will have a trying, if not impossible task to experience the clarity of the Light, while still perceiving yourself as a color, as you tend to color the Light with the color you live within.

Experientially knowing how the light of the prism is constructed will reveal how it functions. Or, experientially seeing how it functions exposes its primal construction. In that primacy the Light is experienced as both refracted and whole. The refraction is seen as color, whilst the wholeness is your light as a reflection of the Light. You have it all from the very beginning. The color is the veil and the stain the darkness that appears to dim your light. But your light is always full on, just veiled.

The prism with ease can become a prison, as the color can enthrall, captivate and entrap. Removing the stain of your color or not allowing the color to blind you allows the colors natural purity and brilliance to illuminate the prism. That experiential purity and brilliance points directly at the clarity from which the color arose, leading you straight into the essence of the Light. Trusting the purity of the color removes the stain that has been sustained by fear. Trusting your own trust unveils the Light of the prism. Both trusts initially take effort, but when the clarity of the Light is revealed, trust becomes effortless. The Light is trust, as it trusts you with a color, and when your trust is in absolute harmonic resonate alignment with that trust, you are living within the light-Light of the prism-Prism, as pure light-Light and not color.

If others only see color where pure light exists, it is their blindness, which can never in any way diminish the light. Trusting the Light of your existence creates color blindness, as the Lights brilliance eliminates your ability to discriminate the rainbow colors emanating from the Prism, as you only see Light wherever you turn.

Only seeing the rainbow emanating from the Prism veils your vision of the Light, as you can only sees colors. Trusting your innate colorblindness reveals the Light within the color, as the Light creates, sustains and is within all the rainbow colors of the prism. It is only the color that wants to color the Light as itself. The Light is color free. To know and experience the Light as it really is, simply allow it to shine through you, color free. The Lights natural brilliance then becomes your natural brilliance, and that illumination blinds you to the rainbow colors. Or, you remain as the light of the prism facing the Light, and so cannot see colors, only Light. Both processes are effortless.

Your daily experience is through a transitory material prism. But that prism exists and is seen because you are a non-material existent reflection of the Light, allowing you to both be and experience the prism and its color. When you experientially realize the refracted color of the prism as color and light, you only see Light. Colorblindness is innate to your light. Learning to trust that colorblindness illuminates your light as Light. And then you are home.

and.. I want to include here a drawing my little niece gave me on Thanksgiving :)

7 thoughts on “Reading…

  1. Your drawing is absolutely precious!

    A question…

    What if every color had an essence, an attribute?

    Blue = Will
    Pink = Love
    Yellow = Active Intelligence
    Green = Consecration
    Gold = Devotion
    Red = Creativity
    Violet = Enlightenment

    What if there were correspondences to the eastern mystics chakras?

    And when each color is in balance, all blend and integrate into a “pillar of light”?

    What if the solar system were a large Being, a Heavenly Man? And every planet in it an expression of an attribute?

    What if the solar system was an expression of an attribute of an even Greater Heavenly Being?

    Liken to one of those doll collection, where inside one doll is another and inside this one is another, on and on and on?

    Interesting how the elements on a periodic table are divided into 7 basic groups. Interesting how plants are divided into 7 basic groups.

    “Man was made in God’s image”…

    What image is that?

  2. *erases what was here before to write now* :)

    I feel I catch glimples of this when I view everything as forms of energy

    I wonder, since halloween is near :) if we were to go out as energy/pure energy how would we look? would we even be seen? or just felt,

    or even as fright :) would be cover ourselves in little goosebumps
    or stress, how would we dress as stress

    I still find myself looking up definitions………………………..:)

    and saw an article on pure energy

    I wonder how now if we wanted to be true space what would be worn to define this

    • “I wonder, since halloween is near :) if we were to go out as energy/pure energy how would we look? would we even be seen? or just felt?”

      Doesn’t really matter if it’s Halloween or not…does it ? *winking*

      Higher energy Beings are always around us. We can see them but they can see us. Secrecy and privacy are both illusions of ours.

      Some of us can ‘see’ them but I have requested not to…because if I could I would feel crowded.

      Think about that the next time to go to the bathroom!


      • oops …suppose to be we can’t see them but they can see us.

        but we can sense their energy. It will feel like waves passing through our bodies…waves of feeling out of seemingly nowhere.

  3. I thought of another thing I could mention. There is no such thing as “empty space”. There is only what appears to be spaces, since the energy is not slowed down enough, not of sufficient density to coalesce into physical form.

    It’s a matter of speed. The faster the electrons and photons are moving, the close they get to light speed. Accelerated beyond that of light, there is thought.

  4. I thought of you yesterday and knew you’d appreciate what I was seeing. The rainy season has started where I live but these rains are not constant. I’ve learned over the years what conditions to look for to experience what I deem a “treat”.

    I stepped outside during a break in the downpours and *walla*…a GREAT BIG rainbow decorated my skies. It was very bright and ALL bands of color were visible.

    “There” I said to myself thinking of you, “are all the colors made visible that we do not normally see”.

    so beautiful Sueann :)

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