How does the moon get its light

All objects in our solar system get their light from the sun. How? Light travels from the sun and is reflected by the object, in this case the moon, and we see the reflected light. The moon does not have it’s own light. It reflects light from the sun and stars, which gives it the appearance of producing it’s own light. The moon reflects the sun’s light. The different phases of the moon are caused by the relative positions of the sun, moon, and earth. We can only see the moon because sunlight is reflecting off its surface. It doesnt glow or light at all.

Then coral responds not truly to full moon light but to the suns light reflected by the moon? The moon acts as an incepter

Where does the light of the sun that is closest to earth come from?

Does earth have its own light or like the moon is an incepter as well

Is the sun an incepter too of other suns/stars

Venus has no known moons? so is the light from Venus more direct? could it be a sun of earth and did it once have a moon which it absorbed?

is the moon a star that has cooled

is earth a star

is the moon a child

and Venus a child as well

do all objects in the solar system simply reflect all forms of birth

and everything is relative

and everything is related :)


8 thoughts on “How does the moon get its light

  1. How about the word “lunatic”?

    The light of the sun (our mind, our thoughts, our perceptions) is reflected upon the moon (our emotions, our feeling experiences).

    Which is another way of saying “we all create our own reality”.

    Our difficulties are in not accepting responsibility and accountability for our perceptions and the resultant emotions (e-motion, energy in motion)we experience.

  2. I like the meaning behind the word lunatic Sueann :) from L. lunaticus “moon-struck”

    it connects that we can feel currents energy waves of the moon

    in reading that the moon gets its light from the sun and has no light of its own, then do we feel the energy of the sun directly? was the moon created to act as a filter because the suns energy might be so very intense

    and I wonder if we were beings of the sun, would we see perceive feel the moon

    and as well :) what are your thoughts of Venus having no moons, do you know if once it had a moon and was absorbed, do you feel is it a star, like the sun? could earth evolve into a star with no moons? was earth created by Venus, is Venus’ child :) is earth Venus’ reality

    and what of Mercury, it has no moons as well and lays between the Sun and Venus, could Mercury be a moon of Venus

    and then there is Jupiter with its many moons :)


    I seem to find myself seeing/feeling all objects as reflections of light, like when I saw the full moon the other night, I imagined myself in total darkness, looking up and seeing this moon simply as an opening showing light beyond

    and I love thinking of planets as wandering stars :)


    I do find myself wondering of the elements too Sueann, and of an element connected to all, and feeling pure energy as this element and wondering too the origins of hydrogen

  3. Ummm… The moon actually has nothing to do with our emotions, behavior, or others. It’s all misleading, don’t get caught up in that. Lunatic, is very inaccurate.

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