The coral was once love

I woke this morning with this thought and wondered where did this come from?

I realized I had watched a video of the ocean yesterday and was most likely from this

it was a very beautiful video :) and see now if I can find it again

and in searching for the video I remember a lady who came into where I work the previous day that I felt something about, an energy maybe that she was emitting, when I finally got to talk to her, she told me she was from the Cayman islands :) so this too I feel led me to watching the video of the ocean :)

and I realize that I can go back even further, to the book I am currently reading, Little Bee, to the crystal that my sister gave me that I have put under my pillow, to reading of recalling, and of the origin of thoughts and even further still :)

and in feeling when I do so like a clock going counter-clockwise into a reversal kind of infinity

so for now I slow these down like I have read Venus does, in a retrograde, because in reflecting on where the thought came from I find I begin to forget the thought itself and I feel there is a little meaning in coral that I am to see :)

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