I wondered

today, as I sat looking at the pictures on the wall why I felt/feel a want to fill spaces

and I realize I did so to change energy, and I realize that the space I fill is not really true space, in that there is a wall and it is the walls energy I was really trying to change, and that I could also change it by placing windows all across this wall :)

it led to wondering if I do this inside myself as well, do I hang pictures on walls within myself to change the energy with imaginings, and when I no longer imagine, when there are no more images, then this is truely seeing beyond

and I also realize as well, that this is choice, and the choice feels like it is a want a wish a choice to see or be within allthings, in order that I might be able to be withinnothings

4 thoughts on “I wondered

  1. I think I know that feeling. I feel like I want to cover my walls here lately also, those empty spaces feel to be overpowering today….but I shall choose the let them be and see what happens…let them fulfill themselves, if they will.

    Blessings, C.

  2. Cordieb :)I liken this to sensing definitions disappearing and letting them go even when feeling they might leave empty spaces, like feeling I go through a stage maybe of not wanting to define, and as you say,will let it be and see what comes :)

  3. Hi Ladies!

    I guess it goes along with the rest that’s been on my mind lately.

    I’ve been pondering on the absence of an understanding of relationships. It’s known to me as the “Law of Correspondences”.

    And until we understand it,we remain clueless for the most part, as to how the Law of Attraction is and has been in operation all the time.

    It’s the meaning of the phrase, “the outside is a reflection of the inside.”

    All year long we have been in transition. We have been letting go. Like opening my fist so that I can be ready to receive anew.

    Walls are a canvas to me, as they were to my tiny daughter who just couldn’t stand a white wall, no matter how many times she saw me paint it. It became a blank canvas.

    We change and we find our environment no longer reflects us. Intuitively,it just doesn’t feel ‘right’ anymore. When we find what fit perfectly,we now it by feel,too. Intuitively.

    It’s why we paint our bathroom a neutral color…so we can change our color scheme often to suit our fancy.

    As we change, the color of the palate we enjoy also changes.

  4. Sueann ((:)))

    I think of photons when I read this and auras :) and am reminded of what you mentioned once of light that is untouched


    and I think of earth being in this law of attraction and the planets and stars earth has attracted/been attracted to

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