A planter

who reminds me I too should soon begin this


3 thoughts on “A planter

  1. …my first batch of seedlings looked attractive to the birds. Only 4 survived. Now I have dvd’s swaying in the wind, communicating some things are just for me. I finished transplanting my second batch of seeding into 3 1/2″pots today (22 of them), and made 3 topsy turveys. I’ve got 6 hanging baskets together, with 4 more to do.

    And then 4 planters.

    I’m giving myself congratulations I’ve made it this far. My flower bed has rocks in it and needs to be weeded…but I’ll get to it…


    Smiling & Waving!

  2. :) so beautiful Sueann, this song tree :)

    I too am going to leave the flower beds this year, to see what comes up, it seems no matter how much top soil I place in them, it always returns to the clay that is our ground here. I want to see what kind of things come up that were maybe planted by the wind :)

    I have been noticing this in the grass lawn too. That by not maintaining it, except for mowing, huge batches of clover have been springing up, and staying so healthy. So soft when you walk on it, and always a deep green, even in the middle of summer.

    ps. A clover image :)

  3. LOL! I haven’t got a prayer of maintaining my lawn “weed” free. Why, we’ve only got 2 acres out of over 16, mowed. The rest is…wilderness. Before hubby went to work with a weed whacker, there was a bright and pretty patch of blooming dandelions right by my front porch. Their yellow faces looked so pretty.

    As I take my walks I’m bringing a trowel with me. I’ve never seen so many species of daffodils growing by the side of the road. I bring them back to my place and plant them where they can grow and propagate, instead of being run over.

    I only have 1 flowerbed so far, which went in last spring. I planted over 100 bulbs in it and want to sprinkle nasturtiums seeds, to go along with all the gladiolus. My lilies are already coming up. And they are my favorites.

    It would certainly help if my neighbor’s dog would quit running off with my trowel.

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