A fortune cookie

I ate at a place a few days ago where fortune cookies are given at the end of the meal. I love these fortune cookies, I always feel that the little slip of paper inside are little messages of a kind. Before I break it open, I say to this cookie I am going to believe your little message and always remember someone telling me once, that you must eat all the cookie after you see the message, which I like doing because of the taste of almonds.

So I break open this cookie and find this,

a question! :)

and found myself answering, Nothing is hidden

and placed it in a little side pocket of my purse.

yesterday I saw a little piece of paper on the floor and when I picked it up, saw it was this fortune cookie’s message and wondered, how did you get out of my purse? and put it back in.

today I saw another little piece of paper on the floor, and when I picked it up saw it was the message that the other person who I ate with at the restaurant kept. His was, Good News will come soon :)

It made me think these little messages like to seen, and it made me feel too that there is always Air in an empty box :)

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