I used to see these in the West Indies and everytime they spread their tails I was in awe:) I would pick up the fallen feathers sometimes and run my fingers across them, they reminded me of that fern that closes when you touch it, and reopens minutes after. I am not sure what made me wish to paint one, the canvas began as red and there are sketches and so many other colors behind it. I was looking at it one morning, wondering what is it that should go on this and an image of a multi-colored crow with outside tones of green (a dream I remembered) and a peacock came, I knew when I started painting the peacock, that it felt right and would not be painted over anymore. I think though to try and paint a multi-colored crow as well :)

The Peacock (pavo cristatus) is a male peafowl of the pheasant family, its feathers are marked with iridescent eyelike spots and that can be spread in a fanlike form. The peacock was endowed with the power to kill snakes, and apparently they are known to eat small poisonous snakes [2]. Because of its ability to swallow snakes and assimilate their venom, it was seen as a symbol of transmutation, and the venom gave its flesh an immunity to decay. It also accounted for its colorful plumage: “The shimmering colors of his tail feathers were explained by his supposed ability to transform snake venom into solar iridescence” [3].

Juno (Hera) placed the eyes of Argus Panoptes ‘who sees all’, or ‘all eyes’, on the peacock’s tail. These ‘eyes’ are said to represent the stars in the night sky, or the whole starry sky. Argus’ name is said to be cognate with the Argo of Argo Navis (Jason entrusted the building of the ship to Argus, after whom it was named), and also with Latin argentum, silver, and it was said that Indus, a neighboring constellation was the discoverer of silver. Argus, or Argos, surnamed Panoptes (pan-, ‘all’, + optes, ‘eyes’), was a giant covered in eyes, depending on the version of the myth he had a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand eyes. Argus never slept, he always had half his eyes open and half closed in sleep at any one time. This might relate to the fact that the Sun is shining on half the earth at any one time while the other half is in darkness under the night stars.

A closeup of a peacock feather

and an article showing the intricate patterns

like sacred geometry :)


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