Peppermint Oil/Leaves


another use of peppermint oil, I have just recently read, is a natural way to keep mice outside of a garage or a home. Its supposed to smell like a female cat to them, so they stay away. The peppermint oil should be one that is pure, an essential oil or can be the peppermint leaves crushed maybe. I have no peppermint leafs so I am going to place the oil in little glass containers like mason jars, not paper containers, because of the oil’s strength, in the garage this fall, if nothing else, the garage will smell very minty.:) I think to know if I use too much or if it works, if all of a sudden there are all kinds of male cats about.

I am going to tell the neighbors on each side on me of this too, so they might tell their neighbors, and these neighbors will tell their neighbors, until maybe the mice will come to a neighbor with an open field:)

A little word of caution if this is tried, to be careful of the oil getting into your eyes.


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