From a post of Reincarnation and Astrology (the blue lettering is a link to the post I hope:) and what I refer to is in the 14th comment of this post)

I try to connect, to understand/learn more of the meaning of the Holy Cross/Astrology/Re-incarnation. I wrote a post about my perception of re-incarnation yesterday or the day before, but found myself not deleting it but putting it into the draft part of wordpress, to continue it there because I thought these things are very conscious to me, with me I guess, I just have to write them out but what I realized is, that all these things led me to here, to this topic, wishing to understand it more for now:) and so I found myself drawing last night what Sueann was explaining, instead of continuing on the other post.


I needed to see a connection, a common ground maybe between all the signs, and when I connected the three crosses I saw an image likened to DNA, so wonder is our DNA or the evolution of our DNA the bridges to moving between these crosses?.

4 thoughts on “Connections

  1. It sure is easier to see what you’ve been doing with a picture!

    You may be interested in looking up the “Kabbalah”, which is Hebrew mysticism. The diagram of the Sephirot or “the tree of life” may trigger some more expansions.


  2. Thank you Sueann, I will look this up:) I have come across the tree of life before, but associated with Celtic, and there is as well a Celtic cross.

    August 26: how do you see the Sephirot, Sueann?

  3. I try not to look at it for very long. Honestly!

    If I focus and concentrate on it, I can see into Eternity and Infinity and, how many ways there are to get there.

    Look at the column of circles running up the center. Those correspond to what have been called “chakras”.

    Hebrew mystics had a saying:

    There is the path on the right and there is the path on the left. And there is a secret path known only to a few.

    That secret path is the one straight up the middle. It’s the path of synthesis.

    Overlay the diagram of the Sephirot on top of a figure of human being. Then look up which “Chakras” correspond to different energy centers in our bodies.

    The root is usually associated with the color red. However, black and white are on either side of the red. Red = Power of Creativity. Black & White = some creations are ‘good’ and some are ‘bad’. The very basis for all our realities of duality and polarity.

    In other words, Black & White are the ‘off’ resonances of Red, created by any kind of Guilt or Judgment towards Creation(s). Like…”God the Father” feeling Guilty for having a ‘pecker’.

    It’s also interesting to superimpose the double triangles of the Star of David onto the Sephirot. Notice where all the points of the Star line up.

    The upper triangle symbolizes our Divine Self and the lower triangle symbolizes our Human Self. Both come together forming the Star of David.

    There’s also something about the shape if all the dots are connected, that ties into a “merkabah” or the “vehicle of the gods”.

    The cross is a symbol that is very basic. Essentially, they all mean the sun at the center and the four directions of the four winds. First, there was the impalement of a man upon it, then Hitler had to go and adopt what is known as a symbol for luck in the East, as his logo. One distortion after another.

  4. Thank you Sueann:)! I am going to take what you say in mind then about the chakas and the human body and focus on this image again, to see what comes up.

    I remember once I questioned this, “God the Father” feeling Guilty for having a ‘pecker’.:))well not really if he felt guilty or no :) but more like the questioning of how we are made in the image of God, it made me think of what I read of dandelions, how in these or in some forms of nature we are able to see asexual reproduction.

    I just re-read this today, (9/10) and saw something I wanted to expand on. At the time I was questioning the image of god, I was questioning whether or not we are in our physical form, this image, I felt, no,at the time, it is not in our physical image that we are reflected, it is in our makeup, our insides. The time I read of dandelions brought back this questioning I did, it just made me realize that sometimes it does not necessarily take two to make one.

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