I have been noticing spider webs this summer, and find myself sitting and watching some days as they spin their webs. At times I would try to take a picture of them and when I looked at them after they seemed a blur, I thought, alright, you do not wish to be captured in stillness as yet:)

The morning I took this one, I knew it would come out, the light on the web just seemed perfect, it was ready to be seen.

I found myself wondering to this spider and their web, what are you trying to tell me, by allowing yourself to be shown and when I looked again at this web I saw them as being suspended, the web in its float, the spider in its wait for any insects that might come.

I realized after that what I saw is what I have been feeling inside, a suspension of a sort, a feeling of things to come, and when I went back outside to thank this spider and its web, I saw patience, and I saw too some of the web links broken. I felt a little sad at this, but knew that the spider knew it was time to spin a new web.

This morning when I went out, I saw that it left little silver threads behind, a little trail to his next journey.


6 thoughts on “Suspension

  1. You & me both are looking at spider webs. But I’m looking at how many new ones have appeared on the panes of my doors since I took a broom to them the day before.

    But it does fit in really, with what you captured. When outer directed we spin our webs to capture what we can for our survival. But these webs are fragile and are easily broken. Being inner directed is knowing we can spin as many webs as we choose anywhere we choose, realizing we have everything we need for our survival within us.

    So I guess it fits. Me, interrupting the links in the webs every time I walk out the door. I don’t like feeling the wisps of their web in my face as I walk out the door.

  2. 08.25, today I have been noticing what you mention with the little flies that come in SueAnn, for all the ones I let outside, it seems like double the ones come back in!:)
    and now I wonder what am I thinking that is attracting them! and so I looked up meaning of flies and came across something of plight, which did scare me a bit, but when I see them migrating to the windows where the sun comes in, trying to get out, I see only their wish of flight.

  3. I finally made it here, and I am so glad I did! I enjoyed all of your posts, but decided to leave you a note here since we have spiders and their amazing webs in common. Seems we have a lot in common. :)

    Keep writing and sharing your “thoughts and things” ….I find them quite lovely.

    Good and creative energies to you,


  4. When our webs are broken, we must, like the spider, muster the strength to weave another. This web seems to have a rainbow reflected on it! Rainbows are a sign of new beginnings. My father used to say, “what a wicked web we weave, when first we conjure to deceive” The whole web must be torn down and all that encompassed must be rebuilt. . . such is the life of the spider. PLL, C.

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