This spring/summer an awareness of feathers has come to me. It started in the spring when I was cleaning a closet and found a dream-catcher someone had given me from a trip they had taken, I had put it in a box when renovating and forgotten about it. It was a circle of webs with five or six feathers attached to the bottom. When I came upon it again, I wondered, what dreams have you caught in this box, hidden away for some time. I thought maybe it was the dreams of my sons who had spent the most time in the room where the closet was, and felt to hang it outside so the dreams could fly.

About a month after when I was sitting outside, I was noticing this dream-catcher and saw that one or two of the feathers had disappeared, had come loose and flown away, and three were left, but I also felt that the remaining feathers looked too bound, in the glueness and little piece of steel that attached them to the circle and I felt a need to loosen them and let them go as well. When I did this, in my head, I wished the feathers to make the dreams of the birds come true.

I came across other feathers after this, on the ground outside, and when I did I felt sorrow, for I felt they were of a bird that might have been eating cherries and which one of the cats had caught, and again I saw some another time. I noticed too that the feathers I had let go did not fly but were sitting in a bush, so I took them and placed them along with the ones on the ground.

I have not seen any in a little while now, but I notice myself noticing birds that fly in front of the windshield when driving, that take my breath away for a second and I notice them soaring in the sky and when I saw these two feathers this morning, I noticed I did not feel as much sorrow as I felt before. I felt that they were simply dropped there for me to see.

A ps on August 10

A song from the Byrds:)

and another ps. :)

090409 012

A feather in a web of life, it is like the dreamcatcher returned :)


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