Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon


Last night during the lunar eclipse/full moon I felt a want to try mediating during this. I did not know what to expect, and questioned during the day do we wish on such a time, and what should the wish be, is it a time for ourselves or for all others. I decided that I would not make a wish, that I would see by mediating what energy I felt instead. I looked up how to meditate and the most basic way I came across was to focus on breathing, so at 8:55 pm I went outside and sat in a chair to begin this. I tried for about 15 minutes but was unable to, it was chilly out, my feet were bare, and my head was hurting, I felt uncomfortable and I thought I should be warm and comfortable during this.

I went inside thinking to lay down and mediate this way, turning off the lights to try and focus on my breathing, but when I did I was followed by others, wondering what I was doing, if I was okay and such, wanting to talk, so I let it be and went back outside later to see if I might get a picture of this full moon. I was expecting it to be orange when I looked at it, and I was a little disappointed when I saw it still white, and when I took pictures and looked at them after, I saw rooftops in the way.

By eleven I was ready for bed but my sleep was restless, I kept waking up and at one point went back outside, around 3 am to see the moon again. It had shifted and was to the back more, away from the rooftops with clouds moving slowly across it. I thought it more beautiful and serene than I had earlier and took a few more pictures of it and went back to bed.

This morning I woke up feeling good, my headache gone, and also with two memories of things I have not thought of in a while. They are of experiences of ‘knowing’. I had just recently read a post of Sueann’s of ‘knowing’ something that is sometimes hard to explain, and when I was reading it I understood this knowing, but the memories of why I understood it did not come until this morning.

Lately I have been questioning energy, empathy, if it is all our own, or if we can we really feel the energy of others and how it is transferred. The two experienes I remembered this morning showed to me that yes, there are energies that are yet to be explained, but that they really do not need explainations because they come with a knowing that feels so very deep that you don’t question them, just accept them for what they are.

The two experiences I remembered this morning were these.

When we needed money once, I was invited to a bingo game, as soon as I sat down at this bingo game, I ‘knew’ I was going to win, and I ‘knew’ it would be on the 13th card in the 13th game, and it happened, exactly as I knew. When I read about the law of attraction after this I thought this winning was such. That I attracted it, but I did not know anything about the law of attraction at the time, I only had the feeling of knowing.

This other experience of ‘knowing’ came around the time my mother was ill. I was working in dining, and it was a tuesday night, a little slow. Around 9 o’clock three people came in, ones I have never seen before, they were dressed differently, and in their dress I saw them as gypsies. They did not stay long, they said they just wanted water, but I felt energy when I served them, an overwhelming ‘knowing’ came to me that my mother was going to die very soon, and that they were messengers telling me this. She did, two days after.

So this is what I felt during this full moon, lunar eclipse, :) and in writing of it more memories of experiencing knowing come to me.

I feel this comes from within, this energy, knowing, but I also feel it comes from without as well.

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