Two raccoons

2009 007
2009 009

My niece saw these one morning in the cherry tree. I was surprised to see them so close and in the daylight. They are the babies I think of the racoons we heard on the roof in the spring.


2 thoughts on “Two raccoons

  1. One of my sisters sent me this through e-mail in reference to these two raccoons :)) I thought it very beautiful.

    “This is a Raccoon meaning”:

    “to wear masks for many reasons as the need arises. (You can achieve altered states through the use of a mask and you can become something else behind a mask.) Because of its masked face the raccoon holds the energies of disguise, magic, and secrecy. (When the raccoon appears the many faces of self will be revealed.) Borrower of skills and items; but not a thief; what it borrows it will return or it will exchange something it sees as being of equal worth, materially or spiritually. Strong and muscular the raccoon can hold its ground in most all situations and is a powerful ally. It holds the gift of transformation. Being curious it leaves no stone unturned. (Curiosity can open doorways into new territory, but curiosity applied without caution can lead to trouble.) Raccoons are often seen washing their hands and food in water before eating. (An act of ritual cleansing and purification.) Often a mischief maker and often a bully. Eating more fruit and vegetables may be beneficial to your health.”

    and I wanted to add a link as well to here.

  2. Raccoons are my neighbors! I leave a platter outside, loaded with the food scraps of the day. There’s a trail worn in the lawn to my back deck, coming out of the wilderness area, that the raccoons follow single file.

    One of them in particular is my friend. It’s the one that chased, caught and ate my neighbor’s rooster. That rooster was mean and would attack people.

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