I was driving along a half country, half city highway earlier this morning, and I noticed two guys standing in the middle of this, on a little median of grass. I thought maybe their car had broken down but when I got closer I saw two deer legs sticking up as well. I didn’t slow down, just kept the speed I was going but found myself in my head saying sorry, sorry, sorry to the deer, thinking we have taken up so much of your space, your home and all you wanted to do was cross the road.

I remembered though what one of my sister-in-laws said when we were driving down an escarpment late one night and kept seeing all kinds of creatures that had been hit, that she tells them to find a light, to go into the light. I thought this was so nice, and it felt so much better to give them this thought when I see them along the roads, instead of thoughts of so sorry, so sorry, so sorry.

Maybe only one thought of so sorry :) and three of finding the light, and maybe even one thought of caution to the lights of road vehicles.


and I love what I have just read that Sueann said, “that gentleness never dies”

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