what I feel is that in a depression, we do not feel love, but we are able to find it to bring us out of it, in anything, like music, or words, or art, or encounters with others, something that just brings us something :) . Angels.:) they are there, always, within, just sometimes it might take little searches or little talks to them to find them.

“down the waterfall, where ever it might take me, I know that life won’t break me”

“I look above and I know I always will be blessed with love” :)

So many angels! (we are all angels:))

and another.. I love the sound when these words are sung,

“I just want to feel real love in the home that I live in”

and I love the words, it feels like the home he sings of is the home of ourselves, and as well the home of the world and the universe.

and the peace sign :)

I think to have caught the Robbie Williams fever :)

I just loved reading a little about him. His beliefs and stuff, when I listen to these two songs, I feel like I am listening to his soul, and I just feel like filling the whole of his soul with love.:)


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