Marine Phytoplankton, Reddrox and Agave powder

I am so curious about the first two drinks.

When I was looking up Marine Phytoplankton I came across this very nice story

One thought on “Marine Phytoplankton, Reddrox and Agave powder

  1. I also love marine phytoplankton. The taste is definatly ‘marine-y’ but it’s very bearable considering the health benefits. I found that after about 3 weeks, I just felt clearer, and you feel less sluggish. I like to use the powder so I can control how much I take in. I get mine from poseidonhealth as I’ve found they are the least expensive for the highest quality pure powder. They also have it in capsules for folks that don’t want to deal with the taste. I recommend to all my friends that are in any way ill to try for just a month and see that it really will make a noticeable difference. Thanks for the thoughts. -Lin

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