I painted this outside, it felt free not to have to worry about where the paint landed. I used up the little pots of paint I had gotten to find colors for the living room and kitchen. I found myself pouring the paint from the pots on the canvas, seeing after what forms they made, the lines, the globs, and splattering the little bits left with no care where it landed :). I found myself looking at the colors, seeing which ones my eyes were sensitive to, calming them by adding different colors to them and seeing little images pop up and wondering about them. It felt freeing, it felt like I was getting something inside out, I felt energy changes, happiness, sadness, calmness, distractionness. I turned the canvas right and left, up and down to see how the paint would move, run, and in the end before it had a chance to dry, I took a big brush and smudged it all :)

I look at it now and see faces that look to me like the north wind and the south wind in harmony, the south wind blowing to the north like a kiss. I see figures to the right and to the left. Observers of these winds maybe. I realize I begin to see expressions now in many things, in the wood of the deck, in certain trees, and now in painted canvases.:)


2 thoughts on “Insideout

  1. This is WONDERFUL! Because I’m seeing a small version on my computer screen, it reminded me of the crayon resist we used to do as kids. Do you remember those???

  2. Hi Grace :)!

    I wasn’t sure what you meant so I looked up crayon resists, I do remember these :)coloring books filled with white blank pages, and when you painted over them with water colors images would appear. I thought them magic :) and that I really drew them:)

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