What I see in this image is hesitation in Pegasus. I see Pegasus as a bit alarmed, halting, drawing back, not wishing to hurt the creature below his feet.

The creature below Pegasus feet seems to me to be carrying a sleeping one on his back which looks like a baby deer to me, travelling across the skies to safety maybe and looks up at Pegasus in this encounter as if in surrender, or sadness, and as if he knew him. He looks like a lion to me or as how I know lions to look like, and I see a heart, made of a chipping on his nose. And when I read the tale of Bellerohon and the Chimera, might even symbolize a ram, even though I wished it to resemble a Unicorn:)

I see nothing of a beast in this image that is written of, in the tale of Bellerophon and the Chimera, and I am glad of the one who drew this, on the bottom of a Epinetron such a long time ago, and I am glad for the photographer Marsyas who travels to Greece, takes pictures of these things in museums and shares them on the internet for us to see, and I also see muse now in the word museum.

When I first came upon this image a feeling of sadness came over me, maybe it was because Pegasus was being led by another, to do what he might not have done on his own, aiding the one on his back who could not have done what he does too without Pegasus’s help. And even when I read the tale of Bellerophon and the Chimera, I see, if it is Bellerophon on the back of Pegasus, doing this deed because of the instructions of another. This sadness I felt was what I felt in reading of cloning too, of Toppy, there is a connection, because of the word hybrid and I know even this is creation, I just do not know as yet why it makes me feel so sad.

National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece
Artist/Maker Unknown
Français : Bellérophon tuant la chimère. Scène peinte sur l’extrémité d’un épinétron attique, vers 425-420 a. C.
English: Bellerophon and the Chimera, edge of an Attic red-figure epinetron (thigh-protector used by a woman when weaving), ca. 425–420 BC.
Accession number no. 2179
Photographer/source Marsyas (2005)


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