I wonder of the significance of this



in that it is green, travelling backwards and has two tails and that it is visible to all of us.

The green I looked up,

A frequently-asked question: Why do some comet atmospheres glow green?

Answer: The coma contains cyanogen (CN), a poisonous gas, and diatomic carbon (C2). Both of these substances glow green when illuminated by sunlight. This is called “resonant fluorescence.”

and the two tails too,

One tail is the ion tail. It’s made of electrically charged atoms and molecules (ions) blown away from the coma by the solar wind. This tail points straight away from the sun. Gusts of solar wind can cause the ion tail to swing back and forth, to develop curlicues and temporary knots. Amateur astronomers have seen this happen in recent weeks.

The other tail is the dust tail. Comet dust is weightier than gas. It resists solar wind pressure and lingers behind the comet, tracing its orbit. Solar wind gusts have little effect on the dust tail.


One thought on “I wonder of the significance of this

  1. The post Unknown Unknowns from May, was showing linked a few times when I came here tonight, (thank you to whomever did this:))

    I followed it, then followed the second link in that post to that sites main page.


    which had a post on this comet

    So very beautiful.

    “Some astrological considerations regarding Comet Lulin for the Lunar Month of February 24-25, 2009. Comet Lulin is opposite the New Moon. Comet Lulin lost its tail. The Comet is moving east to west around the Sun (through the ecliptic), in the opposite direction of planetary movement. This is Earth’s precessional direction, more related to the evolutionary path of the soul collective.”

    One other thing I came across, By the time of the new moon, this comet will be the closest to earth, and as well on the 23rd there is a conjunction of 3 planets, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury.


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