New Moon to New Moon

I have been wanting to get out of my system refined sugars and starches. This past year I have found I have ever so slowly began eating more and more of these items again, mars bars:), breads, pastas, chips! a little more of cooked foods and drinking coffee again in the mornings:) so I thought to pick the New Moon day in February to start. I did try in January to do so, but my will was not quite there, and I tried again on February 1, but still my will was not there, so I begin again on this new moon and continue until the next new moon to see how I feel. I am going to try this as a type of all or nothing, at least through this time, so I am going back to what I did three years ago, which was a diet of all raw food.

When I eat this way I feel very intuned to what my body/cells need and what it can do without, so in a way it is a type of cleanse as well. A spring cleaning:)

What I am going to do too is record this here under this post. I can see by recording, when I have cravings for certain things what vitimans I might be missing.

So I begin, this weekend I am going to a little store that sells pesdicide-free greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts and dates and a staple food (flax crackers) that I know for me helps with bread withdrawals in the beginning. On Monday and Tuesday, because these are the days I have off of work this week, I am going to stop coffee. I do this on days off because I know of the headache, which usually lasts two days I get from stopping coffee.

February 22:

I decided to begin this tomorrow:) if I am going to give up coffee then I might as well give up the other things, like the mars bars! which has caffine as well. I managed to get to the little store and stocked up on fruits, like apples, kiwi’s, bananas, pinapples, grapes, frozen strawberries and vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, mixed letteces, brocolli, kale, spinach, cucumbers, celery, avocodoes, sunflower seeds, raw almonds, raw cashews and dates. And Apple Cider Vinegar as a dressing, or lemon and oil.

I will eat fruit in the mornings, most likely until early afternoon, then will switch to vegetables, salads, green smoothies. The dates and nuts, even avocadoes I plan to eat later in the night. I do this because of food combining, and because dates, nuts, avocodos are the fats and can make you a touch tired. I plan to drink a lot of water as well, my morning drink will become warm water with lemon or ginger peel, instead of coffee.

February 24

My menu yesterday:) 10 dates, 1/2 pineapple, two handfuls raw cashews, banana, a very large salad made of sweet greens, sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocadoes, bean sprouts, water with ginger slices and glasses of just water. And a piece of dulse (very salty!) baby carrotts with a little french onion dip.

I find I am joiting down what I eat when I eat it on a piece of sketch paper and will continue to do so, and will add this here towards the middle of March. My coffee withdrawal headache only lasted one day too! I found myself sleeping (little naps) quite a bit, which helped with this.

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