Turning Thoughts Around

Sometimes when I log into wordpress, I see a search one did and follow where it led them too. Today it was to the post of Bryon Katie “Loving What Is’ and I found myself again watching some of the videos at her site. The ones that I watched of Empathy and Cancer made me cry, the one of rejection made me laugh :).

I remember how much doing her little excersie helped me in worries I had before, just by simply asking the four questions she mentions and I wanted to bring it up to here again. These four little questions I feel can aid so much in realizations of self, in a way that is a type of meditation, of the going into the innerself.



One thought on “Turning Thoughts Around

  1. Hi, Tumel!

    Wow…reading this brought back some memories of a few years ago when I was told about Katie’s work. It literally changed my life, in so many positive ways!

    I’m wishing and wanting a home computer again – with internet access – so I can do things like watch videos like you’re referring to (it’s a bit difficult to do at work….) I bet the ones you referenced are awesome :)

    I think now to attach some of them to this post Grace, thank you:) and this allowed me to see another of her videos of Kind Nature:)

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