From all the posts about, that I have been reading and some not even commenting on :), and from the video in the linked site as well, I have come to more fully realizing Universal Energy.

I think to myself, is this what I have been seeking?, in wanting to read more of transformation of energy? (I feel what I was meant to learn from reading this article is simply what I now feel energy is, and because of a connection I made between another article I had read, and what drew me to that one) but I questioned as well, was I seeking validation of my thoughts connected to this realization that the energy of the universe affects me in ways I might not even realize at the time? Maybe yes:)

With reading of all of these things, and in what I have experienced so far about letting go of attachments with my sons, (that it is not so bad:))I am going to try this on this, I am going to just feel, and trust these feelings, but! if I get feelings that confuse or feel scattered, I still might seek validation in these:), but instead of analyzing things to a point where I might over-analyze I will just simply see how the planets might be dancing in the times that I wish to know of.

and now I think to myself “What a wonderful World”:


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