When I am reading, the sound that comes across to me is actually the sound of my own voice. I find it changes with the characters, say I am reading a novel, while I am imagining the character, I also imagine what their voice would sound like and the pitches of my voice change when the character comes along in the book. When I do actually hear a voice, a voice maybe reading an article written, I am surprised sometimes how my perspective changes about the article, it is like their tones did not match the tones I had when I was reading it, or even when reading, I cannot seem to catch the tone, so maybe not intuned, but when I hear a voice that is similar to the ones in my head, when/after reading something, it does not seem to change the perspective, but seems to only reinforce it, so these are the ones I feel that I am more intuned with.

Since sound feels full of energy, in my reading, if a non-fiction article is voiced, I must imagine how I think the voice of the original author would sound, or just simply read it with my own voices, and if I come across something I cannot understand fully, or gives a touch of a headache in re-reading it,even though I really wish to understand it maybe it is because I cannot give voices to it as yet, so leave it and find something that I feel I can. I trust that whatever I do not understand now will come back to me if it was meant to.

Then I wonder, what if I could not see or could not hear, what is there was no sound or sight, I am glad there would still be energy to feel. It would seem like a more purer form of energy, not filtered in a way.

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