Transformation of Energy


I was thinking last week, what did I wish to read more of, I thought about astrology again and remembered what SueAnn mentioned about esoteric astrology so began little searches on the internet to see where I would be led. I came across this first,

and bookmarked it for future reading,

then I remembered Gnostic so searched for Gnostic Esoteric Astrology and came across this,

I liked what was said about this sign so bookmarked this site as well:) to read more of.

When I was about to leave this site, I noticed another little course linked, this Transformation of Energy,

after reading a little of this I was especially drawn to this part:

“In astrology, you find that some trees are related to a certain zodiacal sign. Another tree is related to the moon, another is related to Mars, another to Saturn, etc. There are trees, plants that are related to the Megalocosmos, to the solar system to the galaxy. They are like antennas capturing, transforming the energy. Their intelligence, or better said, their head, is in the ground because their intelligence is in harmony with the intelligence of the Earth.”

I am going to wait a bit though, before I really start reading of these things, I find when I begin reading, whether it is these articles, or even novels, all other stuff around me gets ignored or put off and I want to finish up some things first, like pulling up the rest of the carpeting, help in the renovations of a little bathroom, re-arrange furniture, do a through cleaning of rooms, transform I guess, a little energy around me first:)


2 thoughts on “Transformation of Energy

  1. Hi Mark,

    One thing I had never really given thought to, but realized when I looked up, what is an atom? and saw this definition,

    “An atom a fundamental piece of matter. (Matter is anything that can be touched physically.) Everything in the universe (except energy) is made of matter, and, so, everything in the universe is made of atoms.”

    is that energy is not a thing, it is a no-thing,:) it is everywhere and can be felt but it cannot be touched physically.

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