It was a little slow at work yesterday and when it is like this I find little conversations develop. One such was about a Protective clause. I had to ask what this was, and it was explained that it is basically stopping trade with other countries, buying only within your own country. I thought this similar to what I feel about staying or purchasing local and asked him is this not a good thing? he thought no, that this was enforced with the last recession, and that it prolonged the depression, that trade should still remain global, remaining global is inclusive, not separation.

I liked his thoughts on this, all inclusive, not separation, but I also like the ‘stay local/buy local’ as much as you can thoughts too, so I thought to just combine protective/staylocal/buylocal.

Collectively/Locally protect the resources that are in the countries we live in, if you have water, protect its purity, if you have oil, protect its ability to re-produce, if you are able to produce food, protect the soil it grows on, and when you trade because you have excess, share then what is gained Locally/Collectively.

Countries should help other countries, the people within, the same, but only help, not overtake. The overtaking feels like control and greed, the help more like sharing.

and I know, it really only comes down to need, not greed. It is funny really how even these two words are similiar, greed just has that extra letter.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Hi, Tumel!

    I’ve never heard of this!

    SO many companies are shipping jobs overseas…rather than saying “No buying outside”, esepcially in THIS economic environment, I’d like to see U.S. companies bring jobs back home to the U.S. – where we really need them right now!

  2. Hi Grace:) I had not heard of this either, I asked another today, is there such a thing as a Protective clause? they said it seemed more an attitude or way so I change Protective clause to Protectivenissim (if there is even such a word):) and take out the clause being re-written to this way as being re-thought.

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