A sketch of a lion’s head


and a want to post it today for Obama :) with a wish for him to always feel the things that come from his heart.

I also find myself searching for words to describe the essence of a lion.


3 thoughts on “A sketch of a lion’s head

  1. Ahhhh, he’s such a sweet Lion. Is Obama a Leo, then? I think his birthday is Aug. 4th, but I don’t know for sure.

    I, too, wish him all the best. For ALL of our sakes! :)

  2. your wish was very warm and wonderful too Mark :)

    A Leo, Grace :) Your post on Counting the Costs and asking of the date made me wish to see how the numbers of even this were. They end up being an 8, 4 and 8 for 1961. Even these add up to 2 and 2 used to be seen as \\, which looks so balanced to me as well:) and even looks like a reflection of some sort too, or a little wave.

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