Sue Ann, in one of her posts has got me thinking again more about sheep. She mentions that this time is not a good time to be a sheep, and I agree, unless as a sheep, you are a feral one.

In the olden times, 10,000 years ago, I feel it would have been wonderful to be a sheep, roaming around the countryside with others, eating grass and shedding wool in the spring, to be discovered, its warmth and its ability to keep one warm. I imagine them relying on their vision to see backwards without turning their heads and their sensitivity to sound as their protection against predators. I do not think they were easily led during this time, if they were would they not have followed say a wolf? To survive they must have known to follow a wolf would be a danger.

But nowadays most of the sheep are domesticated, their ability to survive in the wild wiped out. And I feel it was us that took this ability from them, in thinking that our needs maybe were greater than theirs of survival on their own. I do think the intentions of those that wanted to gain the trust of these sheep were good initially though, I feel they might have even revived the sheep, or were in ewe:) of them because the sheep had this natural resource that we do not, but these times have changed and now sheep must depend so much on others to keep alive.

I am glad though, that there are still feral sheep out there, and that they naturally gravitate towards areas free of predators. I read as well that they eat weeds that no other animal will eat, and in such are a natural insectdicide.

and a p.s. because of a sheep’s vision, their natural instinct is to move from dark places into light.

2 thoughts on “Sheep

  1. I didn’t know that about sheep, Tumel! How cool…I like to think that I instinctually seek the light, too. Does that mean I’m a sheep? haha :)

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