A litte Astrology


I used to love reading my horoscope in a New Year and I still do sometimes, like today :) I like what was said about Saturn turning Retrograde.


Saturn turning retrograde gives us the opportunity to go back and reorganize or renegotiate any activities or commitments that seem to be a source of frustration. If you merely persist under Saturn frustrations, the frustrations will merely persist! Weed out the source of frustration at this time. Remember, my definition for being responsible is in knowing how much you can do before you start to feel frustrated, trapped or confined – and drawing the line and saying NO before you reach that point! It is essential that you do not start any new business activity while Saturn is retrograde!! You will only find that a lot of reorganizing has to be done before any successes can be made. ”

When I look back, the thing I wanted to do in December most was give blood, and I haven’t yet but this is still on my mind to do so. For most of the year though, the thing I felt myself wanting to do was return to raw eating more, and these two things I feel if I do not do I will always wish to until I do, so I bring these two things into 2009. I will say NO to bread and refined sugar and give blood when these are out of my system:)

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