Breath Hearts


In the winter, when it is warm inside and cold out, you can breathe on planes of glass and draw little images in this breath. The images go away after a few minutes but they do not go away entirely unless the glass is wiped. The other day while I was waiting for a ride from work I was standing close to a glass door and noticed my breath on the pane. I blew a little harder thinking to draw a little image, but when I did I noticed another had had the same thought and a heart appeared where I had blown. It felt like a little hidden treasure wanting to be discovered.

This is what I wish this Christmas for all. Little hidden treasures found wanting to make you smile :) allowing you to feel, even if it is just for a moment in time, that all is right and good and which gives little breaths of the heart.


One thought on “Breath Hearts

  1. Oh, my. I must be sentimental today, because the simplicity of this and the message you’ve shared has made me cry. A tear of joy and knowing that there are those out there who have not let the world taint and harden them…they still feel love. Thank you for sharing your heart. Bless you!!!!

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