Winter Oils

So far this winter I found myself coming across three different essential oils.  Oil of oregano, oil of tangerine and cinnamon oil.

The oregano oil really helped one of my children when he started getting throat infections in September.    After 3 different tries with antibiotics over three months with the infections coming back quickly after each time and the doctor saying no more antibiotics, to my relief he decided to try two natural kinds.

The first day he ate cloves of raw organic garlic and took about 4 – 5 drops of the oregano oil under his tongue.

The second day he ate more garlic and took 4 – 5 more drops.  The third day, just about 3 drops and no garlic.  The fourth day, the swelling of his tonsils was completely down and all the white spots were gone so again he only took 3 drops, and since hasn’t had to take any more because his throat has been fine.  When someone at work got sick with a cold and sore throat, I told them about this, so they thought to try it too and by the third day their cold and sore throat was gone as well :).

The tangerine essential oil I use  when I wash the floors, I tried this instead of the lavender oil and it smells really nice as well.  I just add about 6 drops to a bucket of hot water.

The cinnamon oil I found that if I put 2 little drops of it on the hot air vents it smells very christmasey, and is so nice with the faint smells of the christmas tree as well.  I had first put 6 drops on about 4 vents but this was a bit overpowering, I could smell cinnamon even when I was outside the front door.:)

ps. The oils are the pure essential oils, nothing else added and the oil of oregano is the Wild Mediterranean kind.

The link below is a little bit of information on Oil of Oregano.

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