A rainbow, emerald eyes and a sunflower


5 thoughts on “A rainbow, emerald eyes and a sunflower

  1. Tumel: I love both shots, but most especially the rainbow. I have been thinking about rainbows. The other day (well, a few weeks), I left the foodstore, was walking to the car and almost jumped for joy, I saw a double rainbow. I stopped people in the parking lot, I just didn’t want them walking by this miracle right in front of them. See, that’s the way of miracles, they can exist in plain view and due to our targeted vision, we can miss them. Well, suffice to say, some shoppers probably thought I should be locked up, but what an abundant blessing to see a double rainbow…and then the other evening I had a dream about healing and was shown only a part of a rainbow, almost like your photo, and I was being shown how to turn the rainbow to increase healing.

    Thank you for the reminder and may you receive an abundance of blessings!

  2. great shot Tumel!

    the turning of rainbows, well, it began with an earlier dream of double, or was it four rainbows, I viewed from above, but was somehow guided.

    The next dream showed me only arcs of rainbows and how when they turned they generated waves of healing. Also showed me how to visualize the turning of rainbows for healing energy.

  3. hey there! it’s been so very long, but I wanted to say hello and to say that I love the glowing eyes (a cat?) in the middle picture. :) Speaking of rainbows, you are right — they should appear like a circle if we could see the whole thing. Something to do with refracted light and all that. And what is that picture you linked to? That is fascinating. Is that the sun behind the plane, or a rainbow circle? Or? *smiles*

  4. SurfaceEarth, it feels like such a beautiful thing. :)

    Carde, very long! :) and yes, a cat’s eyes in the middle picture, the other image is a rainbow circle I think, but it might be called something else? and..how is your little one? :))

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