A dream

I had a dream the other night, I was writing about it here earlier in the week and when writing about it the power went off and thought ah no, maybe it was not meant to be written about, but saw it here saved today so thought I would post it.:)

Usually I do not remember any of my dreams, or if I do it is just for an instant when I wake, and I always think I must write this down, these things that come in dreams, but never do and never remember them, sometimes I think I only dream that I should it down:)

But the dream I had the other night is still with me, it is one when I think of it I see it, and I think it might have to do with choices.

In the dream I was visiting someone in a place I was not familiar with. During the day when the person I was visiting was at work I set out wandering and came to a spot where I began to free-fall. Along the way of free-falling I went through clouds and passed mountains, and landed twice on tracks full of snow, sliding down on these, that made me feel I was more safe and hoping they would not run out or that I would not fall over the edge of them. But they did run out and when they did I noticed others in front of me, some together some on their own, but where the second track ran out they would jump over to something solid in the air and in my dream I watched how they jumped and when it came time for me to either continue free falling or to jump I jumped, and all the ones who jumped ended up in a village, talking and laughing about the ride, then we went shopping :). I remember thinking in my dream, how am I going to get back up to the place where I was, but I did and when I was telling the person I was visiting about it, they said, oh, yes, I know about this way, but there is another way as well, a safer way to a different place and the shopping is a bit better there as well.

When I was thinking about this dream, annalizing it:) I wondered what way I would have taken, were I told the two ways, or if I had not seen the ones before me jumping, would I still have jumped, but also, in my dream the free falling way was the left way, the safer way to the right, but then I realized as well, that in my dream I was south facing north, like being in front of the computer, and if I had have been north facing south then the freefalling way would have been right, the safer way left and wonder what, if anything, this means, since reading about the poles and retrogrades.

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