I have been wondering what makes me feel sad whenever I read about cloning. I realize that it is usually when I read about cloning animals that I feel the saddest and I do want to see what the difference is between the cloning of animals and plants or vegetation.

At first I thought maybe it was because I felt one day the ways of reproducing could be done entirely without a womb, and being a woman and experiencing what I have always felt to be a miracle would be lost. But thinking about it more I realized thats okay, the miracle is really in seeing new birth, that can be experienced by all. It is what I felt when I saw the dogs, a new birth, without thinking how it was they came about. It is the feeling of seeing any new births, asexual or sexual.

But when I do think about it more, I wonder more, and think of what is natural and what is unnatural. If we are part of nature, and nature has shown to re-birth but as well to destroy , then we too must have this ability. I feel nature does so in reaction to its survival, so when thinking of cloning, do we as well do so for survival, and this is what bring questions to me still. I question if we are truly at the point when all before us is unfixable, and if maybe evolution, in its meaning of change, should go backwards a bit to see if what seemed right before, before the time it was destroyed can be made right again, to see maybe the effects of this type of evolution, or are we not meant to go back, but only forward, but when I think of this I think of something I read in reading of the Age of Aquarius and astronomy, of the precession of the equinoxes, and retrogrades, and in the cycles do we really only end up where we were before. This I feel is of nature, and so part of us as well.

Explanation: Why would Mars appear to move backwards? Most of the time, the apparent motion of Mars in Earth’s sky is in one direction, slow but steady in front of the far distant stars. About every two years, however, the Earth passes Mars as they orbit around the Sun. During the most recent such pass over the last year, the proximity of Mars made the red planet appear larger and brighter than usual. Also during this time, Mars appeared to move backwards in the sky, a phenomenon called retrograde motion. Pictured above is a series of images digitally stacked so that all of the stars images coincide. Here, Mars appears to trace out a loop in the sky. Near the top of the loop, Earth passed Mars and the retrograde motion was the highest. Retrograde motion can also be seen for other Solar System planets.


7 thoughts on “Questioning

  1. Hello, Tumel! :)

    I understand what you are saying here. Cloning freaks me out, frankly. Just because we ‘can’ do something, does that mean we should do it?

    Humans seem to be too much into ‘instant gratification’ these days that I wonder if anyone is honestly looking at the long term effects (and side effects) of cloning. If we were an enlightened species in general, I don’t think I’d have as much problem with it. There would be accountability and consciousness involved.

    But cloning in the 21st century seems alot like a bunch kids playing with stuff they find in the garage…and rather than making a cool firecracker or something, they end up blowing themselves and everyone else on the block to smithereens! lol

  2. Hi Grace, so very true :) the choices and the consequences and I do so respect this, maybe what makes me feel sad about all of this then is in thinking that choices may not have been given.

  3. Maybe the reason why you feel the way you do is because of what your Intuition is revealing…?

    that our science is consumed ONLY with our most superficial level, the physical…

    and does not realize nor understand about our emotional and mental bodies, that are directly nurtured by our Mothers, while we are in the womb.

    It is through the use of such practices that “the greys”, the “aliens” behind all the abductions, RETARDED their Spiritual growth and now have to borrow our DNA in order to open up the door, their scientists closed for the whole race.

    {{{Hugs}}} to you!

    WAY TO GO!!!!

    Your INtuition is coming in LOUD & CLEAR!

  4. I am not sure SueAnn, about what is coming in, and if it is loud and clear:)when first thinking about this I was trying to see too if what I felt was intuition, that instant knowing that comes without thought, but does this come from the energies we feel? like when you look up and meet eyes with someone that has been watching you or the instant feeling that you are in danger. and I wonder too if our instincts evolve to intuition.:)and wanted to ask you of this, and if they are really only the same but with different names? I do feel that much energy is passed from a mother to a child, is this energy a type of intuition? because I feel this same type of energy can be passed through nature as well, in the things that grow without a womb, and yes it must have to do with DNA, the energy in DNA that we have maybe no idea of as yet that will maybe always change or evolve.

    I have been thinking of it more, seeing what my very first reaction was, and it was of sadness. So in being completely honest with myself I realize that the sadness I feel comes from seeing something in the eyes, when first reading about cloning, that I saw in our dog’s Shadow’s eyes when he was dying and instantly knowing that the treatments he went though was the wrong choice for him, that he somehow told me this, or I saw it in his eyes, and I feel that if I would have spent more time before with him, and put myself more in his place, that of being non-ego or selflessness, that the choice would have been different. It is a sadness within myself as well but one I feel I can live with though, because it is a reminder to me to respect all living things, to try always to see things their way.

    AND as I re-read this today, I wonder what was it I was trying to say:)! I feel it is along the lines though that I learnt something more of what I somehow feel is right and that I don’t always follow, that for all that are unable to communicate their choices, then much thought should be given, placing myself always in their place, when I take on the choices for others, even if it is just a little ant and this might be done by seeing things through their eyes, and if I sense something, or maybe just catch even a fleeting glimmer that I would not want to have this done to me, or that something does not feel right then this is what I must trust or wonder more about to try and understand.

  5. And other questions, How strongly do we (as part of nature:)) feel the planets pulls and changes. Much I think. Like how I am feeling now, I feel I just wish to think of things, not go forward just let things be for a while, or I feel that in responding to things, that it does not feel true or some such or the energy does not seem to be there or maybe even the right kind or when I do, do things, I always wish to go back and change them :) and when wondering why something tells me to look up how the planets are aligned and I read of a retrograde and feel that this is how I feel:) This I feel is part of our intuition as well, and I feel to just go with this, this feeling, and not to force, because always when I do, what I do does not feel right somehow after, so it almost feels like I should not respond at all but just absorb for this time.

  6. Picture a spectrum of Light. All of it is essentially One thing:light. It also expresses itself as the many: colors, red, blue, yellow, etc. Yellow is not the same as blue, even to they are both ‘parts’ of the same ray of white light.

    The same is true for Instinct and Intuition. They are both expressions of Consciousness, simply representing and expressions different wavelengths, or spectrum’s of it. One does not evolve into another.

    With Instinct, there is no Willpower to do otherwise except respond to it. There is no Volition. No option for choice and decision making. It is essentially the programming of “fight or flee”. It is definitely FEAR oriented.

    Where Intuition, has Absolutely NO tone of Fear or Doubt to it. Especially the Fear of Death, for this fear relates to form and not, to recognizing the Presence of Life that is expressing itself, momentarily, in the realms of time and space, through that form.

    We sense gravitational fields and that is where the cycles of the planets come into play, as their magnetic fields play with each other and us. We all sense them, subliminally for the most part but are totally unaware and most often attribute what we’re feeling to outside persons and situations. Because of this, our responses to the interplay of these fields, is all OFF most of the time.

    The “key” is pondering our responses TO what we consider as ‘not us’.

    Much of our ‘old consciousness’ is being sucked dry from the inside, out. We no longer feel the seduction of the old energy when it comes to our interests or our projects. This is a year of ‘new beginnings’, specifically related to business and service. A ‘changing of the guard’ so to speak. Everything is morphing right now, so to your own heart be true. And keep in mind what I shared about the difference between instinct and intuition; one is fear oriented and will be gut centered, not heart.


  7. (((hugs))) Sue Ann :) I so appreciate what you say in this…

    “We sense gravitational fields and that is where the cycles of the planets come into play, as their magnetic fields play with each other and us. We all sense them, subliminally for the most part but are totally unaware and most often attribute what we’re feeling to outside persons and situations. Because of this, our responses to the interplay of these fields, is all OFF most of the time.”

    “The “key” is pondering our responses TO what we consider as ‘not us’.”

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