A bird tree

There is a tree in the backyard that I have yet to figure out what kind it is. In the spring it flowers, beautiful red and white flowers, that turn green in the summer. It has little red berries on it all through the summer and winter and I have been noticing just how full of these berries it was. This spring was the first I have ever seen this many birds drawn to it. I am wondering if it is because of all the snow on the ground still, and I am hoping that the robin in the last picture is just full of food and not pregnant as yet, or if she is, that a nest is near. I noticed at least three different types of birds as well, all sharing the berries on the tree :)


The tree in May, with the first of its blooms.

8 thoughts on “A bird tree

  1. It seems like a jovial tree that sends out inviting vibrations. The apparent berries may be part of it. yet, it could also relate to things not noticed by the naked eye. Your nearby community of birds is growing. This is definitely a sign of spring, buds and other kinds of rebirth and renewal to come.

  2. I think it to be a type of apple tree, maybe, but I wonder still because of the berries, unless they are simply very small apples? sometimes I think it might even be a cloned type of tree.

    I do like thinking of it as a very jovial tree though, sending out these vibrations :). What I realized as well, from watching these birds eating these berries, was that I needed to eat more fruit myself :).

  3. It snows, then rains. Then follows with sleet, then hail, the more snow and rain. I figure as ‘the crow flies’ we aren’t that far apart. And Nature itself has been confusing this spring, hasn’t it?

    But the birds know what time it is and I bet that momma has a comfy nest nearby.

    I’ve been watching them in my backyard in the morning, at least 20-30 at a time and we’d have 100’s if we mowed the lawn. Our hummingbirds have come back again, too, and they’ve been buzzing anyone on our covered porch.

  4. So nice again to see and hear them Grace :) cats seem to be coming around too this spring, I have been seeing 3 or 4 different ones in the backyard lately and I am really hoping the birds are not attracting them, I don’t think they are though, I think they just follow the two that live here back, and it is usually at night when I see them, when the birds seem to sleep.

    April 1 I decided I would just simply wear summer sandals Sue Ann :) no more boots and socks, though I have not been able to give up my winter coat as yet, soon I think.

    I have not seen many hummingbirds but I imagine them so very beautiful. Where you live feels like it would be a type of sanctuary for them.

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