A little painting I came across when cleaning out a closet, I had forgotten about this, my mother had given it to me when I moved away from home.  I think I was 11 at the time I painted it but I remember so well how very proud I was of it:) When I look at it now, it still reminds me of spring.


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  1. My husband has come to sit beside me as I looked at you blog. He’s been a professional photographer in the past.

    We both agreed. Your picture did not look like one an 11 year old painted. It shows unusual talent in one so young in your use of colors and lighting.

  2. ! :) thank you for these compliments, SueAnn and husband:) they surprised me in that I did not really consider the colors used or even the lighting, only that I loved the brightness of them. I was moreso proud that I managed to make it looked balanced, that the little chick did not look like they would tumble over in the carrying of the flower, I remember being so focused on getting this very thing right.

    Tobeme :)

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