Another snow storm…

is here, but I do think it will be the last one of this winter.

I am going to take time now to clear up what I have been wishing to do for a while, and that is to minimalize my surroundings, to give away, or recycle things that have not been used in the last two years, to go through every room this way, every little corner, every closet, every cupboard, every piece of clothing, paper, pictures, cd’s, books, furniture, rugs, linen, old toys, so that in two or three months time, I will no longer be wishing, I wish I had have done this before the warm weather came. I will imagine myself moving:). The length of this picture (which I have just noticed how long it is!) most likely reflects how long it will take, a little long but not too long, or so I hope.



5 thoughts on “Another snow storm…

  1. Cleaning house is a great way to simplfy our life. Great use of your time on these snow days. Looking forward to the warmth of spring.

  2. rofl…


    Just finished this process myself. Did it when it came to moving out of the place we were renting, moving into the remodeled place we’ve been working on. The less I pack, the less I have to unpack.

    Imagine this for a moment…

    what would you keep if you had no cabinets, no closets and no drawers?

    that’s how far I’ve trimmed within the past 7 years.

  3. I used to love moving for this very thing SueAnn:) I imagine so much less junk if there were no cabinets, closets or drawers, no places to put things for them to be out of sight and out of mind.

    I feel this too, Tobeme, :) cleaning in itself will become so much more simply done I feel as well.

  4. This is an amazing invitation to enter the image and fly through the wind with the snowflakes. What a feeling to rediscover our natural sense of freedom!

  5. Hello Liara :) it made me smile to see your comments here. I have found myself reading entries at your site, the first being the ones in Astral Dreaming, and have been meaning to leave little comments as well. I liked how when I first went to your site, the page seemed to be empty and thought it waiting to be filled with your visitors dreams.

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