I tried to resist sketching this, but little pencils laying around kept telling me to pick them up:)

I found while drawing this, I see so much more in the image then I did when I first looked upon it, like how I see a little seal now instead of two dolphins and how intent they are on the mermaid, and that she seems to be showing them the way to the surface and how the dolphin seems to be giving her an air bubble.

I find myself wishing to know more about mermaids and sea-creatures as well, and how when I am listening to Enya’s music it somehow inspires me to try and get this right.

and.. I do like seeing this sketch from afar too:) I see better what I wish to change than I do when I look at the drawing flat on a table.

I just hope the one who originally drew this picture does not mind me using it as a reference, and I hope the pencils will not feel bad without their erasers.








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