Double Helix Nebula


when I read that this is likened to DNA, I think of it as how stars are born, and I came across this little quote.

Wishing on a Star

Ancient wisdom traditions teach that stars are vastly evolved beings whose radiance gives life, light and power to aid evolution. Perhaps the ancients understood a form of stellar wisdom which has been lost to history, and we might enrich and empower ourselves by returning to a visceral connection to the sky. As the ancient Egyptians said in texts to the deceased pharaoh, “May you seize the sky.”

A reference to rubber bands :) from the article above.

“We know the galactic center has a strong magnetic field that is highly ordered and that the magnetic field lines are oriented perpendicular to the plane of the galaxy,” Morris said. “If you take these magnetic field lines and twist them at their base, that sends what is called a torsional wave up the magnetic field lines.

“You can regard these magnetic field lines as akin to a taut rubber band,” Morris added. “If you twist one end, the twist will travel up the rubber band.”

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