Helix Nebula



In viewing images of astronomy I came across this one, and thought it so beautiful to post on Valentine’s Day. It is in the constellation Aquarius as well


6 thoughts on “Helix Nebula

  1. “When thy eye is single, thy whole World will be filled with Light”.

    What an apt and gorgeous pictorial display of just that statement.

  2. I needed to look this up SueAnn, it was said by Jesus:) do you think what he meant was when we are able to see all as one or all things connected then everything seen will be seen with joy?

  3. Basically, yes. It’s the riddle in the story of Hercules and capturing the Cretan bull. It is the realization and perspective of Unity, which transcends duality.

    Our physical eyes stop at form and can perceive no further. It takes the operation of our single eye, symbolized in myth and legend as in the Unicorn’s horn and its POWER of healing.

    Our single eye, our spiritual sight center, represented in the middle of our forehead….the anja center, is what empowers us to see past our veils of illusion and delusion.

    Light does not do ‘batttle ‘ with dark. Light reveals that darkness doesn’t exist. And you can count all our ideas that it does, as representative of how deeply we are deluded.

    If I walk into a dark room with a flashlight, I won’t even find any darkness hiding or lurking in some corner if my bulb is bright enough.

    But it doesn’t really suit our vanity to realize that all the darkness and evil we imagine we see, is because we’re dim-witted. We’d rather be victims of others then admit we’re dim-witted.

  4. Thank you for sharing this here Sue Ann:) from this I see now the light of the stars showing this very thing, that darkness doesn’t exist.

  5. If my Joy is to EXTEND Light, where have I got to do it, in a well lit place?

    Don’t I have to first Create a place where there appears to be little Light? So I can then experience extending some?

    Where do you imagine all that Insight you’re expressing is coming from? It’s Illuminating what’s within you and you’re finding out that there IS no ‘darkness’ with you. Just places and parts that have been living in the dark, meaning ignorance, not sin.

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