A few Hearts

of our Earth, may these and all other heart links not become broken


and maybe this moon has a heart as well?



7 thoughts on “A few Hearts

  1. It was in the thinking that these natural waters, the seas, lakes, streams, rivers, are so similar in their function as to our own hearts function, and I realized some even look like human hearts:) the first image especially with its many little rivers or other lakes branching off, like our hearts valves, to many other parts, to land, to grow and give life to, and it is in thinking that we might not look after these hearts of water as well as we should where I wish we do not break them, its links, like our own hearts links. The last image, of water found on Titan, looks like a heart to me as well and the first one I came across, so maybe it was in thinking about valentines day too:)

  2. Yes. I was struck first by the visual beauty and the did notice the hearts, but I wanted so much to know more of the thoughts behind the post. Thank you greatly for sharing. Peace to you today.

  3. thank you for asking Surface Earth:) it made me realize too just how beautiful Astronomical or Space Art is. It is so full of wonderment.

  4. Brilliant! “As above, so below” is known as the Law of Correspondences.

    Water is a manifestation of e-motion. As our emotions have become more and more contaminated by darkness, so have the waters of our world become more and more polluted, for one, is a creation of the other, in terms of quantum physics.

  5. I like this relation to quantum physics SueAnn, thank you:) It makes me think too that our tears come from emotion as well.

  6. Of course!!!! We feel and when these feelings are expressed, they are put ‘in motion’ = e-motion. Whenever there is an “e”, it means “God” or “Source”, as in e-motion and e-go.

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