Body Soul Spirit

Something else that came up in my reading and which I wish to give more thought to.

At the moment I feel our bodies are organisms of nature, little ecosystems, our soul is our deep knowledge we have within, and our spirit is the realizations of our soul. The soul feels very deep to me, the spirit much lighter, and I feel it is from the spirit that our true energy comes.


5 thoughts on “Body Soul Spirit

  1. Such an interesting concept. I am naturally inclined to feel the soul as deep because the thought of the soul also seems to resonate from deep within. Yet, I too think that we move beyond confined space as we know it. Perhaps that is the “spirit” you speak of?

  2. I am not sure Surface Earth, when I think I feel more spirit than soul is when things feel they are right to me, things I have questioned and found what feels right. It feels lighter in that I have a understanding of something I did not before, something maybe I was searching for that felt deeper but maybe surfaced? (it was your name that brought to my mind this last word:))

  3. :)

    no pun intended right?

    I understand.

    When the brain or the ego switches off, things become lighter or more pure.

    For instance, if I am fully engaged in love, if that is in the company of a cherished one, watching their eyes shine as they speak, creating a meal, painting or writing, I am in good stead.

  4. for the two to be the same, or as one, feels beautiful to me as well. It brings to mind again what SueAnn mentioned, that our souls mate is our spirit.

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