Soul Mates

Something else I have been thinking of and looking to see what meanings I feel connected with.

From here,

“Some followers of the New Age religion believe that souls are literally made and/or fated to be the mates of each other, or to play certain other important roles in each other’s lives. Following this concept, one can have many soulmates. For example: One could see another person they have never met in this lifetime and instantly hate or love them because of previous interaction(s) with the other in one or more previous lifetimes.”

To me, this definition feels right, that we have many soul mates, not just one, they can be in the form of our children, our brother and sisters, our lovers, our parents, our teachers, our foes.  What I did not feel though, is the thinking that this thinking is a type of New Age Religion, I think it is because I really don’t like the word religion or I guess the meanings that I associate with the word, so I want to try and find now a meaning of religion that describes I suppose what I feel.

Another thing I read, in the soul mate definition,

Soulmate emotional theory

“Ultimately the consequence of this notion is the unfortunate reality that soulmates often possess the ability to inflict serious emotional injury unto their twin flame, greater than any other being could. This often results in the separation of idealized love, due to the severe emotional impact. Many soulmates are destined for an eternal search, not for lack of meeting, but rather lack of acceptance. The encounter is often analogous to the collision of matter and antimatter, a violent explosive reaction will occur, but if held through to completion only pure energy, and thus harmony, will result.”

This definition makes me more aware of the need to accept others and to try and understand them as they are, for everyone in our lives I feel is a form of a soul mate, just maybe in different degrees, and it is in these degrees that we might learn.

2 thoughts on “Soul Mates

  1. There is much in the way of delusion when it comes to our understanding of this subject. The pain and the wounding mentioned that is often suffered, is the pain of our delusions. If we weren’t operating under a delusion in the first place, there would be none of the ill effects as described.

    What’s going on is a dance of debt, of being in karmic bondage. And the drama of it is always intense. But this is not our Soul’s mate nor even close. Our Soul’s mate is our Spirit. Our Soul mate is found in the Presence within us and expecting it to be found in the form or body of another, is the symptom of an emotional dependent. Jealousy, possessiveness and all sorts of control freaky games mark this kind or relationship. It is a relationship based on need, not Love. Where our relationship with the Presence within us, is one based on Love.

    Be aware of anyone saying they are your soulmate or claiming to be anyone else’s. These will be energetic predators, trying to claim rights to the energy of other people’s lives in order to promote their own.

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