Earth as Art


The lava-coated summits of Mauna Loa (bottom) and Mauna Kea (top) are colored deep purple in this false-color Landsat image of the Hawaii’s Big Island. Along the bottom edge, the crater of Kilauea—the world’s most active volcano— is visible as well. East of the big volcanoes is the island’s wet side. On the lower slopes of the volcanoes, vegetation in shades of green reclaims the terrain, and Hawaii’s lush tropical forests appear as a broad, blue-green expanse. Development along the coastline is light blue, and an electric blue strip of sand rings the island (most visible at the higher resolution).


“Dragon Lake”

Reference map

Nicknamed “Dragon Lake,” this body of water is formed by the Bratskove Reservoir, built along the Angara River in southern Siberia, near the city of Bratsk. This image was taken in winter, when the lake is frozen.


Icefall, Lambert Glacier, Antarctica

Reference map

The Lambert Glacier in Antarctica, is the world’s largest glacier. The focal point of this image is an icefall that feeds into the Lambert glacier from the vast ice sheet covering the polar plateau. Ice flows like water, albeit much more slowly. Cracks can be seen in this icefall as it bends and twists on its slow-motion descent 1,300 feet (400 meters) to the glacier below.


Lena Delta

Reference map

The Lena River, some 2,800 miles (4,500 km) long, is one of the largest rivers in the world. The Lena Delta Reserve is the most extensive protected wilderness area in Russia. It is an important refuge and breeding ground for many species of Siberian wildlife.

I find all of these so beautiful as well


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  1. Gorgeous {{tumel}}…it was only when you changed your pic, that I disocvered your place! Just call me slow….

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