Awareness can make a difference

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comes this.

I came across the video below a while ago and at one point had it on this site, but I took it down because I thought it so very extreme and so very sad. In its extremity though it made me realize and more importantly know just how I contributed to this abuse and cruelty as a purchaser of food that was most likely provided using these means. Not only in livestock but in every product I bought that was mass produced and that has abused the natural resources in some way.

I believe all of us have power as consumers to stop this, if we simply start questioning and begin to know where exactly does our food come from and how exactly is it produced and ensuring that the things we buy did not undergo what these animals had to in order to feed us.

My intention of posting this video here is not to tell anyone to go meatless, for to me this is such a personal choice, it is only intended to show the abuse that goes on in mass production factories that we have no knowledge of if we do not ensure that we do.


I would like to add this link here,

This quote from their site is what they thrive for.

“Chews Wise aims to shine a light on the food system and discuss where our food comes from and what we really want to eat.

We are opinionated without being simplistic, smart but not condescending, and we will try to consider issues from multiple angles, since food choices are never one-dimensional. Think of these articles as Chews You Can Use.”

another site I would like to add that I have just come across as well:

in this excerpt of an article, it writes why our farm animals are so important to the agriculture system, to be treated well and kept alive, not to be abused by means of mass production. It made me wish to know more of this so I am going to buy this article from this site, and if I can place the rest of it here.

“After all, organic farmers scorn the pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other tools that have become synonymous with high-yield agriculture. Instead, organic farmers depend on raising animals for manure, growing beans, clover, or other nitrogen-fixing legumes, or making compost and other sources of fertilizer that cannot be manufactured in a chemical plant but are instead grown—which consumes land, water, and other resources. (In contrast, producing synthetic fertilizers consumes massive amounts of petroleum.) Since organic farmers can’t use synthetic pesticides, one can imagine that their fields suffer from a scourge of crop-munching bugs, fruit rotting blights, and plant-choking weeds. And because organic farmers depend on rotating crops…”

A link now to this article mentioned above.


The Images are beautiful in it as well.


6 thoughts on “Awareness can make a difference

  1. Oh Tumel….. I tried to watch it but had to turn it off when they started in about the cattle. I’m sorry I wasn’t brave enough to watch the whole thing. But I won’t forget what I saw. Thank you. I’ve been sort of playing around the edges of vegetarians for the last couple of years. Now it is time to go all the way….. Namaste

  2. I think I don’t need to see this video Tumel. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1990 and vegan since 1995 and – no, I really can’t watch this video.

    I have checked out the link though and I appreciate it very much. Thanks for posting this Tumel – this is a great topic that is yet another in a long, way too long chain of abuse topics that have been covered in this past week.

    Peace to you today. (I’m gonna pass your link to my animal activist rights friend Deb)

    Love always.

    ~ RS ~

  3. I feel this way too Grace, the images will forever stay in my mind. I had no idea whatsoever that this was happening to the extent it was and when I came across this video it shocked me so much, but it shocked me out of my naivety and I am glad for it that it did.

  4. Rubyshooz, thank you again for bringing attention to the postings of the abuse articles. In reading some of them I wonder so much what is in us as humans that triggers us to abuse so many many things. They have made me look into myself and see what I abuse and I know there are things that I still do and I am really going to try to make a more consious effort not too.

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