I have been trying to organize this blog a touch and I didn’t realize how many pictures I had in the images section. I came across this sketch that I had forgotten I had uploaded, it is of a Night Elf in a game I used to play called ‘World of Warcraft’.

I scanned it in a little bit too dark, and most likely will re-scan it once I find the cd that I hope is not lost for the scanner machine. The scanner picked up another sketch I had drawn that was a page behind it as well, at first I thought it was all my erasing showing up but now I see it is the other sketch showing through, two images in one :).

In this sketch I like how his ears turned out the most.



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  1. I don’t play it anymore, mostly because of time right now but I think what attracted me to this game was the Lore that was written about it.

    These roleplaying games are like interactively participating in a story of some sort. The background is provided, with its beautiful graphics of towns, cities, forests and areas, all you have to do is create a character from many options, write your own background for this, then enter the game to participate. The way you participate is your choice and the developers of these games always provided many choices, even the people playing are able to provide different scenarios too. They are a lot of fun:) especially meeting others along the way that were doing the same.

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