The Age of Aquarius


I have returned to linking, but what I link is what I feel in some way as well, and what I feel when I read about this Age of Aquarius is similar to how I feel when things begin anew, like spring, it feels like joy and hope. This entry will be links then, of what is come across about the Age of Aquarius.

The above image is from this site

and I really love what she writes in her article.

Another site that writes about this as well.

2 thoughts on “The Age of Aquarius

  1. Tobeme, in the first article that I just linked, what the author writes makes me think about what yourself and Sue Ann seem to know and are so very much aware of already :) and what you both write about. There are thoughts in this article that I have always felt, but things still that I just begin to fully understand, like the ego.

    What I like in this article as well though, are the astrological references.

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