3 thoughts on “Socrates and Plato

  1. I have only been reading about this for a week or so and just of the two links for now, but in reading even these, I have to keep reminding myself to see only that, that has to do with reincarnation and astrology for there is so much other information there as well, like how Socrates was against the democracy, that he questioned that what was taught in his time, and how he felt so strongly in what he believed that he accepted death for these beliefs. Jesus was similar to him I think. All these things make me wish to know more, because for the longest time I had thought Jesus was the first to accept death because of his beliefs.

    But so far, from what I have read, I do not think Socrates mentions anything about reincarnation, but it is hard to know what his many thoughts were, there does not seem to be any writings of his about, it was a time when written records were just beginning? and it seems that he is known through the thoughts of his student Plato or how Plato perceived him, so then I think I must begin reading about Plato.

    I read a little more last night, and came across another philosopher of this time named Pythagoras, who believed in metempsychosis, and had to look up what it meant,


    When I read further about him I came across the Pythagoreans, and I read this about them.

    “About this time in the fifth century BC the Pythagoreans separated into two distinct groups called the Acusmatici (from akousma, meaning “oral precept”) whose members emphasized the observation of the special Pythagorean way of life taught by the master himself. The second group was the Mathematici (meaning “students of theoretical subjects”), who persued interests in arithmetic, the theory of music, astronomy, and cosmology.”

    The Mathematici group eventually became closely associated with the doctrine of Plato and his followers who established the Platonic Academy. The Acusmatici became wandering ascetics finally joining the Cynics of the fourth century BC.”

    This article made me realize how astrology and astronomy might have been made into two different things, and I wish to read more about this too.

    So other than reading a very small entry about the Celts and how the druids believed in reincarnation, and wanting to know more about this as well :) it is where I am at now.

    I wonder though, about the thoughts of others before this time.

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