I would like to practice writing out my thoughts of things, or at the moment I think I would like to :). I find it so frustrating at times trying to write with words what my thoughts are, not everyday little thoughts but the thoughts that feel deeper. Even in vocalizing them I have a hard time, and would wish sometimes that people could read my mind so I did not have to explain what I thought with words:) I try to show one of my sons how to do this more so as well. He does not talk much about how he feels about things, but unlike me, he is able to write complex and beautiful poetry, explaining what is on his mind or lets go of things this way I think and I am unsure yet whether it is important for him or not to try and share this part of himself more vocally, so for now I just encourage him to try and see why he feels certain ways about things.

So instead of always linking to articles, I will read them, link them and then write what I like or see in them or what makes sense to me, but in doing so this post will likely change much. It will be like practicing drawing I think, there are times when I erase everything in a little drawing and begin again and other times I just leave it be because I like maybe how the eyes turned out or a hand or such.

I thought to do this using the draft format of wordpress, and I began this post this way, but I am not liking how it feels hidden to me, like it is out of sight and out of mind, like the sketch books I have, so I will do it this way instead.

I began to want to know more, after coming upon the site below about how much the time we were born in astrologically affects how we see the world, our temperments, how and why we react to the world around us and such. I always loved reading about astrology when I was young and reading about the myths of old, so this holds much interest to me but I was distracted from reading about this further though when I came across “The Age of Aquarius”. I needed to look up what it was and found this meaning. (I have lost the links I first came across but will put them here next)

When I read this meaning I was amazed that these ages happen only 2000 or so years apart and I thought how wonderful it is to live in this time of this new age. I thought us in this Age of Aquarius already, mainly because I have always felt we live in an age of information, with personal computers that allow us to access many things on a web that still allows freedom of speech and where we are able to see two sides of things sometimes if we question one.

As I read futher though I realized that according to many we are not in this age as yet, even though we are very close, we are still in the Age of Pisces, so I needed to read a bit of the Pisces age. Very very simply, I gathered it to be an age of faith, which when I think about it makes so much sense. Many religions began during this age, and I think many needed to have things mean meaning, and I began to wonder about the reasons why the ones who lived before this age felt religion was so needed, maybe because it was the Age of Aries, the age before the Age of Pisces. (another link I must put here)

It almost seems like the beginning of the Pisces age is similar to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius when ones begin to question again what is right and what is wrong, but it is different now with the technology we have. The technology that allows us to access much more information.


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  1. Your thoughts; words which have been written hear, bring a certain connection to those who read. I find some similarities in what we think. It brings a bond, not necessarily close, but an understanding that we are not alone. And though not all of us can write, probably as good as your son, writing helps in more ways than one. I hope to read more of your thoughts. I appreciate you sharing them…

  2. Thanks for the writing Tumel. I find that the more that I write the better I get at it. I posted something on my blog you might be interested in – it’s a bloging project about writing about stopping abuse and the event is slated for September 27th. I hope you se this in time.

    Peace and writing.
    ~ RS ~

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